Military Man “Spills The Beans” To Chamisa On How Mnangagwa Is Trapping Him | AUDIO, TEXT…
17 September 2020

By Mari Matutu | Opinion | I have tried my level best. I am human. There are limits to what a human being can do. My views are now known. I thought I could afford a lawyer and do it but costs were too high.

As the 26 April pledge I gave and have honoured to date, I will do all within my power to defend Nelson Chamisa even if voting was to be done in Emmerson Mnangagwa’s bedroom. All the contents of my declarations you have.

My greatest betrayer is not Zanu, it is not Khupe, it is not Mwonzora. Let me be blant to you: MDC A members and all leadership advising and surrounding president Nelson Chamisa are our greatest betrayers.

If someone brings a cheque which is not from your cheque book, that document has details of someone also holding an account with the same bank. If that person presents his cheque bearing his name and signature but states he wants to withdraw money from your account because you were partners or you signed agreement to trade and even show a trade agreement to the bank, they then present a court ruling which states who was the heir of his own household property at their own house at a time when not even the partnership agreement he is presenting states that each partner’s affairs at his or her house are not part of agreement.

This person never performed the promises in the agreement. The bank gives him money from your account using that person’s cheque account number and name and signature. Who is the person to approach? Bank or person given the money?

The moment we remove anger is the day we free ourselves. The moment we focus on the real enemy is the day we free ourselves.

Please watch this video which shows how Zanu PF is using to find life in their mission so to survive in the desert.

Watch it all and I will show you tomorrow why I say we are to blame.