FULL TEXT: Taku Ngadziore’s Lawyer’s Comment At Court Yesterday.
20 September 2020
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Well the state was opposing bail they strongly opposed Bill and they argued their case they are saying that this person is facing a serious offence and is likely to flee Zimbabwe if allowed or if admitted to bail, so basically, that’s it and we will of course dispute those allegations. So after hearing submissions from both parties the magistrate remanded Mr Takudzwa Ngadziore to Monday at 11:15 for determination on whether he is an appropriate candidate for bail or not.

QN: How is his condition?

Lawyer: Well, Mr Ngadziore is in pain. Police details for the first time for the first time dealing with this human rights matter even yesterday conceded that he was in pain and they took him to hospital.

He was heavily assaulted and it was first of its kind where police, date firs all allowed is medical practitioner to attend to him, in the afternoon then later because the condition his condition had not improved they then allowed, they took him to Harare central hospital where he was also examined by a government medical practitioner.

So it is not in dispute that he was heavily assaulted it is not in dispute that he is in pain. So I am sure that.

QN: So who actually assaulted him?

Lawyer: I do not know I was not today but I am told some of the police officers who arrested him. we will actually raise that issue with the court to investigate that matter where in the arresting details also assaulted him and he also alleges that some people with face masks and it is very surprising a mask is for covered not to conceal identity and then violate human rights, it’s unheard; let’s just restrict mask protection to protection against COVID