“Very Soon Thokozani Khupe Will Change Own Name To Nelson Chamisa”
21 September 2020
Khupe seeks to change own name?

Farai Dziva|Senior MDC Alliance official Jameson Timba has said Thokozani Khupe is desperate to score political marks to the extent that she can even change her name to Nelson Chamisa.

On Saturday Morgen Komichi surprised all and sundry when he announced the Khupe led political formation would use the name MDC Alliance in future elections.

“Now MDCT are saying they are us. Those whom the Lord wants to destroy maketh mad first. Very soon their Acting President Thoko will be calling herself Nelly Chamisa,” argued Timba.

In a statement, MDC Alliance spokesperson, Advocate Fadzai Mahere said:

The party restates that it is the MDC Alliance party. It contested the 2018 election as the MDC Alliance. As the alternative, it has MPs in Parliament and councillors in local authorities.

It has been victimized as the MDC Alliance and will win as the MDC Alliance. It will remain the MDC Alliance.