Joanna Mamombe’s Lawyer Blasts Prosecutor For Seemingly Having Personal Issues Against His Client
23 September 2020

Harare West legislator Joana Mamombe’s lawyer Aleck Muchadehama today clashed with state prosecutor Michael Reza, accusing of him of pursuing a personal vendetta against his client.

This followed Reza’s refusal to have Mamombe’s matter postponed to 26 September despite being advised by the actual prosecutor handling the matter, Garudzo Ziyadhuma to do so.

Muchadehama had asked for postponement saying that he was committed to other matter in Gweru.

Muchadehama pleaded with the court to question Reza if he had conflict of interest with the matter which Mamombe is standing accused of.

“We seek an extra notion on Reza on why he is being so much interested in this matter to an extent that he refused to postpone the matter even after the actual prosecutor who is doing this matter, Garudzo Ziyadhuma advised him to postponed to 26 September,” he told magistrate Bianca Makwande.

He also asked if Reza had personal interest or issues with him and Mamombe.

“We want to know if the state is super litigate that it can say whatever it wants and it happens?” queried Muchadehama.

However, Reza shot back and denied the allegations saying that he is doing his job as a public prosecutor.

“I am nothing but just a public prosecutor who is just doing his job.

“It is so wrong for the defence to say I have something holding against him and also all the allegations are hear-say evidence, I have never spoken with him personally,” he said.

He however did not deny that he spoke to Ziyadhuma about postponement and said he told lawyer Jeremiah Bhamu that he will oppose the postponement application.

Magistrate Makwande however did not make a ruling on this matter saying the utterances were made outside court.

This happened after the state has applied that Mamombe should be detained and examined by government doctors.

The defence is opposing to the application saying the state is not looking closely to the law but using personal issues towards the case.

The court moved the matter to 24 September for a ruling.