BREAKING: Harvest House A Day After TakeOver | VIDEO
28 September 2020
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MDC Harare Province Youth Assembly Press Statement.

Date: Monday 28 September 2020

We the young people of the Movement for Democratic Change (Harare province) united together to finish the people’s democratic revolution.

As the first line of defence of the party, the vanguards of democracy and the custodians of the party and its future we have taken over control of the Party HQ MRT House.

This was necessitated by our realization on the need to unite the people in the fight for a better Zimbabwe and defend the civilian space in the face of military state capture.

We as the youths have decided to go beyond our differences and unite to resolve the current crisis. We have been concerned by the recent developments where the party had been infiltrated and captured by ZANUPF elements battling to destroy the People’s movement thereby aiding the suffering of the masses.

This act of bravery was necessitated by the need to protect our beloved movement and the Zimbabwean people’s fight for better lives.

As young people we will remain guided by the organs of the party in particular the National Council as we re establish the will of MDC leaders,members,supporters and Zimbabweans at large.

We have noted the attempt to surrender the Democratic project into the hands of the enemy.

Individuals have been making decisions without the mandate of the Zimbabwean voters, districts, provinces, the party’s National Executive and National Council organs which have not set since the suprem court judgment.

The party has been infiltrated by sellouts with an agenda to derail our freedom.

It therefore follows that we act to unite our leadership,our support base and Zimbabweans at large and ensure the Vision of Dr Morgan Tsvangirai lives on across generations.

We furthermore urge the Zimbabwe Republic Police to desist from interfering in MDC internal political affairs and immediately vacate our headquarters. We also urge all youths to maintain discipline and peace as we await the party national executive and national council meeting to map the political wayfoward.

This is not a one generation move movement. We will define, defend and secure our future.

Thank you

*Read by Paul Gorekore*
_For and on behalf of the MDC Youth Assembly (Harare Province)_