Misheck Chidzambwa (Marimo) Extremely Ill
28 September 2020
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Paul Nyathi

Online media, iHarare reports that 1Dynamos and Warriors legend Misheck Chidzambwa, known as Misheck Marimo during his playing days is not feeling well.

Even though it is unclear which ailment Chidzambwa is sick from, pictures on social media have shown the Warriors legend is admitted to an unnamed hospital.

One tweet, which has since been deleted, suggested that Chidzambwa had undergone surgery and solicited for funds to be sent to his wife’s Ecocash number.

Another tweet by superfan Alvin Zhakata confirmed that Misheck Chidzambwa is unwell. Zhakata did not disclose what Chidzambwa is suffering from. It is suspected that Chidzambwa may be suffering from kidney disease based on what Zhakata said in his tweet.

Zhakata said:

Thoughts and prayers are with Dynamos and Warriors legend #MisheckChidzambwa who is unwell. During his coaching days, he used to frequent restrooms to relieve himself & most pipo associated it with juju yet those were symptoms of the condition he’s battling now. GWS legend.

A number of people did not approve of Zhakata’s tweet of Chidzambwa in the hospital, arguing that it is a breach of the legend’s privacy.

A user Mabhinda urged Zhakata to delete the picture saying, “There was no need for you to post that pic Aluvah, our legend is a bad shape, we can give him all forms of support without breaching his confidentiality. Just do the right thing and delete that pic pliz.”

Another user Taps Chaps agreed with Mabhinda and said, “Hey @AlvinZhakata may you please respect Misheck’s privacy please unless if he told you to post his photo. He is an honorable man and I feel he doesn’t deserve this.”

Tendai Chilowa said, “Sad to hear that Misheck is not feeling too well but sadder to see such a picture of him displayed on social media.”

Claudius Moyo said, “Please mufana respect Misheck Chidzambwa and delete the pic.”