An Average Zimbabwean Can Afford To Eat Only One Egg Per Year
13 October 2020
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Paul Nyathi

Irvine’s commercial director Anele Zunga presenting the company’s donation.

An average Zimbabwean can only afford to eat a single egg in an entire year instead of at least one per week due to economic hardships.

The country’s largest eggs producer, Irvine’s commercial director Anele Zunga revealed the sad scenario while making a donation of 3 000 eggs and 100kgs of chicken to Kudakwashe Children’s Home in Harare on Friday at a World Egg Day celebrations.

“We are the biggest producer of eggs in Zimbabwe, on an annual basis, we produce 250 million eggs, that is just about 17 eggs for every Zimbabwean.

“Ideally, you should be eating at least an egg every week but you would find there are families and children who actually cannot afford to eat eggs every week and they taste an egg once a year,” said Zunga.

“The ideal situation will be if every Zimbabweans could afford eggs because they have essential nutritional benefits.

“We chose this home because as a business, we believe in supporting the communities that we operate in. We are very motivated when we see such good work that Auntie Rachel and her team are doing.”

Kudakwashe Children’s Home, located to the South West of Chitungwiza, in the middle of Southlea Park, feeds an average 1 000 disadvantaged people.

It is home to 27 children of whom 17 are physically challenged.