LIVE With Henrietta Rushwaya
26 October 2020

OPINION ANALYSIS – How former ZIFS President Henrietta Rushwaya was caught with gold worth USD300K in her handbag.

Henrietta Rushwaya has gold mines in Midlands, and she is also in the business of buying gold. The 6kg of gold was hers and Mnangagwa’s son’s. This is one of Mnangagwa’s sons from his first wife (Josiah Tongogara’s sister).

She had a disagreement after she demanded a share of profits. They did agree.

By now the gold is now in the hands of Mnangagwa’s sons.

The person who was a link based in Dubai is an Indian who had linked her with a buyer in the UAE.

There was no way for her to carry 6kg of gold in her handbag.