Obert Mpofu Says Mahere Should Debate With Zanu PF Provincial Youth Leaders Not Nick Mangwana
26 October 2020

By Jane Mlambo| Zanu PF Secretary for Administration, Obert Mpofu has scoffed MDC Alliance Spokesperson Advocate Fadzai Mahere public debate challenge on Information Secretary Nick Mangwana suggesting that her equivalent is a Provincial youth league leader.

Mahere had challenged Mangwana to a public debate on the issue of sanctions as she accused government of resorting to propaganda and lies in their push to have the restrictive measures imposed on the country removed.

Mangwana snubbed the challenge saying he would not be drawn to someone’s reality show while emphasizing that he would grant interviews to BBC, Sky and other international media outlets.

Mpofu has also joined the discussion saying Mahere would only match a Zanu PF youth leader at provincial level while instructing the acting youth secretary Tendai Chirau to find someone for the debate.

“TendaiChirau find her an equivalent from one of your Youth League Provincial structures for this challenge. In any case, why must @nickmangwana -a Senior Gvt official have debate with a spin-nurse from a brief-case opposition party?” said Mpofu.

The issue of the anti-sanctions day has attracted wide criticism from the opposition who feel Zanu PF is making noise when the conditions for the removal of the embargo are clear.

The opposition says respect for human rights, rule of law and free and fair elections would unchain the country from the sanctions burden, the government says has slowed down development for the past 20 years.