Two More Close Relatives Arrested Over The Murder Of Murehwa Boy Tapiwa Makore (7)
9 November 2020

By A Correspondent- Gogo Beaulah has revealed that two more culprits have been picked up by the police over the murder of Tapiwa Makore aged 7 in Murehwa.

Mai Lessie, is wife to one of the Makore brothers including the arrested Tapiwa Makore senior.

Her son is also a cousin to the deceased Tapiwa Makore was picked up by the police over his murder where he revealed what really transpired.

Said Gogo Beaulah, spokesperson for the family, while speaking to Tildah Moyo on TildaLive:

“Mai Lessie’s son who is in Grade 6 is the one that was sent to the garden to collect the late Tapiwa from the garden. The young boy was sent to collect the late Tapiwa Makore from the garden and he was given US$5 by Tapiwa Makore Senior to buy his silence. He was told to be quiet and never to reveal what happened to anyone.

He later told his mother about what had happened and his mother told him not to tell anyone. He gave the money to his mother who later bought a broiler which she slaughtered.

So Mai Lessie knew where the young boy was even when she embarked on the search for the missing boy. If she had reported earlier and revealed where the missing Tapiwa was, maybe he would not have been killed. What is most painful is that she was at the forefront of mourning and consoling the family yet she knew everything.

She was very very close to the deceased’s mother. This has destroyed Mai Tapiwa and she is totally torn.

Mai Lessie, it is said did not tell her husband about what happened. If only she had told someone. Maybe the little boy would not have been killed. Imagine the pain of knowing that someone concealed and sold someone’s life for a paltry US$5? This is really painful.

Please pray for our family. This is tearing us apart. We are at that point where this is now unbearable.”