Borehole Drilling Company Blasted For Using Hospitalised Gringo “As A Marketing Tool”
11 November 2020
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Skylake Borehole Drilling has dismissed social media reports that it used the late Lazarus Boora popularly known as Gringo to market its brand when he was bed-ridden.

A picture of Skylake Borehole Drilling ambassadors in the company of Gringo is circulating on social media with inferences that the firm used Gringo when he was unwell to market its brand.

In a statement, the firm said the picture had nothing to do with marketing of its brand but was a mere good gesture they undertook as part of their corporate social responsibility.

They said the picture in question was taken on a day when they were doing a road show in Chitungwiza and decided to pass through the clinic where Gringo had been admitted to make a small donation.

“This picture was taken last year (2019) when we had our road show in Chitungwiza. We never circulated it because it was not our intention to market our brand using Gringo. It was a good and innocent gesture that we decided to undertake after receiving the news that Gringo was not feeling well.

“We then said since we are having a road show here, why don’t we show the spirit of ubuntu and extend our helping hand to Gringo. We are very much concerned that our good and noble gesture is now being twisted by social media bullies to send a wrong signal to the public.”

The statement from Skylake Borehole Drilling comes at a time when social media is awash with fake news on different personalities.