Bushiri’s Junior Pastor Shot Dead In South Africa Just After Bushiri Claimed His Life Is At Risk…
15 November 2020
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Paul Nyathi

The late ECG pastor Blessing Mduli Chirwa shot dead in South Africa

Malawian publication, Face Of Malawi reports that a junior Pastor at Prophet Shepard Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church has been shot and killed in South Africa.

The pastor has been identified as Blessings Mduli Chirwa who was residing in Cape Town.

The killing by unknown gunmen comes a couple of days after the escape of Bushiri and his wife Mary from South Africa to Malawi against bail conditions set for them at the Pretoria Commercial Crimes Court.

Bushiri alleged that he skipped bail because his life and that of his family were in danger after several death threats following their release on bail over the ongoing case of fraud and money laundering.

The publication claims that ECG pastors are living in fear in South Africa and are planning of following their leader to Malawi.