Shock As Prophet “Kills” Client
20 November 2020
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A Kwekwe man died after consuming a concoction given to him by a prophet in a bid to cure perennial stomach problems.

The man, Decent Mutekeri (22), died after he drank a blue coloured concoction that had been administered to him by a prophet belonging to an unnamed Apostolic sect. Police have since launched a manhunt for the prophet, Munyaradzi Mutomba (30), who reportedly fled after discovering that his healing process had gone wrong.
Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident.

“On November 16 around 1600 hours, the accused person approached the now deceased at Mbizo 16 tuck shop and informed him that the Holy Spirit had shone him that Mupeperi had stomach challenges and had been sent to treat him. The now deceased consented and they drove in his unregistered Toyota Mark X to the prophet’s house,” said Inspector Goko.

At Mutomba’s house in Mbizo 15 Mutekeri was given a blue concoction that he consumed.

After consuming the blue substance, the now deceased reportedly left for his homestead.

His friends later visited him and he was vomiting a blue like substance. Upon being quizzed, Mutekeri told his friends about the concoction and the supposed healing process.

“The friends then decided to call the prophet who went to the now deceased’s place. Upon arrival, he found the now deceased vomiting and told him that it was part of the healing process,” said Inspector Goko.

The prophet reportedly gave him the remaining concoction to drink which he did.

The following day, upon noticing that Mutekeri’s condition continued to deteriorate, they took him to a surgery in the central business district where he had a scan.

The scan revealed that Mupeperi was suffering from renal failure and referred him to Kwekwe General Hospital where he died upon admission.-Chronicle