AFM Church Pastor Sues The Church $13m For “Neglecting Him.”
22 November 2020
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An Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) in Zimbabwe pastor is claiming over $13 million from the church as he accuses it of neglecting him after he was involved in a car accident.

Alfred Mujeyi issued summons against his former employer where he argues that the church has not taken care of his medical bills since the accident that happened in 2006.

According to Mujeyi, on November 3, 2006, he was sent by the church to preach during a crusade at Zesa Munyati as part of his pastoral duties.

He was involved in an accident on his way to Munyati and did not receive proper treatment on time as doctors were on strike.

“To this end, the plaintiff ended up spending a month in the intensive care unit (ICU), a month at Avenues Clinic and another three weeks at Parirenyatwa Hospital,” Mujeyi said in his declaration.

“Upon his final discharge, he was transferred from Chakari to Halfway (service) assembly for pastoral duties where he was for only five days.

“Due to his condition, he was transferred again to Dombwe where he spent seven months serving pastoral duties.”

Mujeyi said after he was discharged from hospital, he worked for the church at Parktown Elf Flats until the assembly was closed and he was transferred to Vince Mine.

“Throughout this whole time, the plaintiff had been suffering severe pain and trauma from the accident,” he said.

“As a result of the accident, the plaintiff now has slurred speech, forgetfulness, continuous head pain and has become unemployable.”

The pastor said although he was injured during the course of duty, he was never reimbursed or offered assistance in paying medical bills.

Mujeyi also said he was not receiving any salary from the church during that period.

“As such, the defendant (AFM) is liable for the care of its employees who are injured during the scope of their employment,” he said.

“The defendant has neglected, failed or ignored the request by the applicant to assist him in paying the following: medical bills from Avenues admission at

$3 000 000, medical bill from Opt Prof Kalanga at $5 600 000, pain and suffering at $931 000 and loss of future earnings capacity at $3 870 720.

“Despite demand, the defendant has, however, failed to honour their legal obligation towards the plaintiff, who was injured during the course of his employment with the defendant.

“The plaintiff is left with no option, but to take legal action.”

The church is yet to file appearance to defend.