Parliament Says Not Enough Was Done To Rescue Six Miners Trapped In Esigodini Collapsed Mine
23 November 2020
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Collapsed informal mine shaft

Stakeholders have been challenged to work together and retrieve the bodies of six Esigodini gold panners who are feared dead after a mine shaft collapsed two weeks ago.

It’s been two weeks of misery and despair for the families of the six gold panners who are feared dead following a mine accident that occurred at Patridge Mine in Esigodini, as rescue efforts have since been abandoned.

The Chairperson of the Umzingwane Civil Protection Committee, Mr Peter Mahlathini told the Parliamentary portfolio committee on Mines and Mining Development this Monday that experts are against undertaking any rescue operation at the mine as it is considered too risky.

“We did make engage experts from How Mine, as well as engineers from the Ministry of Mines and there was consensus that it was too risky to search for the miners as the ground is unstable.”

The families of the victims of the mine accident four of whom are from one family say all they want is closure.

” As families of these children, we are not satisfied with the rescue mission efforts or at least efforts to retrieve the bodies from the time this incident happened to now. All we want is closure as we have waited 13 days for any kind of news but nothing has materialised.”

The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Mining development Honourable Edmond Mukaratirwa called on stakeholders to mobilise resources for the rescue operation to resume.

“We were here on a fact-finding mission to establish what transpired and to come up with recommendations to deal with this sad situation. But one thing for certain we don’t believe enough was done to search for the victims, and we are calling on government and the private sector to do whatever it takes to retrieve the bodies from the shaft so that families here can find closure.” said Honourable Mukaratirwa.

The committee further recommended the speedy formalisation of artisanal miners and the need to draw up a model to minimise mining accidents in the country.