Chains Of Oppression Are Temporary-President Chamisa
27 November 2020
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Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance leader, President Nelson Chamisa, has pointed out that the opposition party is an unbreakable formation despite efforts by Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa to destroy it.

According to President Chamisa, a return to legitimacy is the only solution to the country’s deepening crisis.

He also commended the people of Uganda for their determination to fight for freedom.

“Uganda..keep on marching, you are almost getting there.Thank you Africa for standing with those seeking to break the always-temporary chains of oppression..Freedom!

Zimbabwe must be RESTORED TO PROSPERITY anchored on a return to a People’s government.

VP @BitiTendai
delivered a State of the Economy address articulating our alternative SMART views on how to fix Zim economic challenges.

Join us in this fight to WIN Zimbabwe for Change.

Chinja is unbreakable..The people shall govern,” President Chamisa said in a statement.

President Chamisa