Spirit Mediums Engaged In Ran Mine Rescue Operation As One Body Is Brought To Surface
1 December 2020
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Rescue mission taking place at Ran Mine

Rescue workers at Ran Mine in Bindura yesterday recovered one of the miners trapped after a tunnel collapsed on Wednesday last week.

The unidentified body was recovered in the afternoon and was taken to Bindura Hospital mortuary.

Mrs Melodious Katoratsoko from Gora Village in Madziwa under Chief Nyamaropa said they engaged traditional leaders and spirit mediums in the area in the hope that their son, Alexio Felix Nyamvura (29), whom they suspect to be among the trapped, will be saved.

Provincial Development Coordinator Mr Timothy Maregere said Government will assist in the burial of the 34-year-old-volunteer Wellington House, who died while assisting in the rescue efforts at Ran Mine.