Zimbabwean Pastor Who ‘Rombared’ In Benin Threatens To Expose Makandiwa This Week
1 December 2020
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A Zimbabwean Pastor who confesses that he has engaged in notorious ritual sacrifices, known in Shona as ‘kuromba’ has threatened to expose the ‘money worshipper,’ Emmanuel Makandiwa this week.

Jay Israel, real name Jacob Dube, made the announcement on the social networking website, Facebook yesterday.

Israel once stroke controversy when he announced saying he has travelled to West Africa where he witnessed “sacrifices of young children for the purpose of appeasing demons for pastors.”

He also announced saying he is in discussions with the Harare street preacher Talent Chiwenga and will soon be doing video programs with him.

This time he has passed the below announcement saying:

“It’s time for the truth to be revealed, I know many of you still believe in this charlatan (Emmanuel Makandiwa) but this Friday will open your eyes.

“You are going to hear heartbreaking testimonials of people who have fallen victim of different forms of abuse under his leadership .

“This is the greatest exposure of Emmanuel makandiwa . My greatest prayer is for all eyes to be opened and the truth to come out

“The church has been captured but from this day your eyes will run away from this man.

“Tune in this Friday 4th of December as I expose Emmanuel Makandiwa and his satanic manipulations and deception .”

Jay Israel’s poster