KaStep kekupinda nako muna 2021
8 December 2020
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One careful step at a time. This is 2021 Future telling. Things wont be easy but opportunities will be there. If you get an opportynity to get money please dont misuse it because that door will soon be closed. Plan with every cent that you get. Money will remain a scarce commodity in Zim in 2021 though a slight stability will be achieved.

The President Ed Mnangagwa should not attend any low level gathering, he should not be too common and accessible. I am saying Mr President attend few gathering and meetings in 2021 the rest delegate to your juniors. A possible meeting between Ed and Chamisa shall be achieved in 2021

NB Romours of forced corona vaccination will spread in 2021. My advice is dont rush to be vaccinated, in fact refuse to be vaccinated esp those who are in Africa. It is your democratic right to refuse questionable vaccines.
I am not a prophet bt an analyst and foreseer of unfolding events through God given Wisedom. Stay Blessed!!!
By The Scribe
Pepukai Begede