Drama As High Court Contradicts Self Saying Tapiwa Makore’s File Is Missing While Again Saying It’s Still There…
15 December 2020
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“The one that he would have carried home is a dummy record, if you go to court you will be able to find the actual file,” the lawyer said.

The slain Tapiwa Makore

By A Correspondent| There was drama when relatives began fuming after the file in the case against the uncle of the slain 7 year old Tapiwa Makore, suddenly went missing at court yesterday.

High Court of Zimbabwe in the capital city Harare

Family members informed ZimEye they are not happy with the events of Monday morning at the High Court.

Mr Thanks Makore is one of the key suspect in the murder which was discovered on the 17th September 2020. Tapiwa’s body was found dismembered and several parts including the skull missing.

Police officers 2 weeks ago were spotted drinking beer and eating meals donated by the same person they arrested at his house in Damofalls, Harare.

One family member told him ZimEye.com:

“We got to the high court, there were many relatives at around 8am, when we got it in at around 9am, we were ready to protest and it was Mai Tapiwa’s first time to come to court…

“So the lawyer suddenly told us the files are missing.

“They also announced saying the judge on the case did not come, and the files are missing. “

They also said, “Neither Thanks Makore is attending court.”

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Later on responding early Tuesday morning, the family lawyer made a detailed albeit contradicting response saying the judge had carried the file home to work on it there, while at the same time saying that there are always two copies, including one which is left at court, should a jurist decide to carry one home.

“Yes it is true that his file was not there when we got there; so we were told to come back on the 18th of December,” they said. They continued:

“I went to see the clerk for justice Chitapi who said that the file will be taken to his house because he is on vacation.

“On the issue of DNA checks, we are going back today, we were told that they are going to check the report…

“We are going to PGHQ, the office of the police commissioner general, the DNA records are in the hands of the police right now the company does not have anything with them.

“There is a head (skull) that was found and it was commented that the head cannot be that of a 7 year old child.”

The female lawyer however added confusion when she said, the file that the judge takes to his home is just a copy, the original remains at court.

“The one that they would have carried is a dummy record if you go to court you will be able to find the actual file,” the lawyer said, implying they were so told by the high Court.

The lawyer was speaking to Tildalive.