ARTUZ Petitions ED Over Jailed Teacher Sheila Chisirimunhu
23 December 2020
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Sheila Chisirimunhu, is a 53 year old mother with 5 dependence. She is a primary school teacher who has served for 30 years.The gvt of Zimbabwe slashed teacher salaries from USD 500 monthly to USD 30 per month.

Sheila joined other teachers and peacefully protested against the illegal salary slash. Sheila was arrested and charged with public violence. No incidence of violence was ever reported during and after the protest.

Sheila was ridiculously convicted for public violence. Her crime was asking for the restoration of her salary. Sheila was sentenced to 16 months in prison, sentencing was done a couple of days after the commemorations of 16 days of Gender Based Violence. She will serve 10 months in prison.

A male counterpart who was jointly accused with her was freed. Both the conviction and sentencing are an assault on freedom to petition duty bearers and labour justice.

The government has curtailed the freedom of assembly and criminalised Trade Unionism. We demand Sheila’s freedom! #FreeSheila