Mnangagwa In Danger Of Getting COVID
28 December 2020
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The ZANU PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa played dice with death in Bulawayo on Sunday when he squeezed himself among visitors from COVID fested South Africa.

This was at the controversial Andrew Wutaunashe’s church meeting where Mnangagwa preached his vision 2030 to worshippers. PICTURE:

Mnangagwa said the country’s economic growth hinged on collaboration between the Government and churches, among other players.

“On our part as Government, we have chosen the spiritually correct path of working with the church in pursuit of our vision. Thus, as Zimbabwe, we shall serve the Lord sincerely and faithfully,” he said.

He continued:

“Going forward, I urge churches to emerge in 2021 and beyond as proponents, guarantors and implementers of our national development agenda. To this end, let me reiterate that the synergies between the church and the State must flourish and become more evident to our people.”

“This can only be achieved if the church understands, appreciates, embraces and blesses and makes energetic efforts to etch Vision 2030 in the hearts and minds of our people.”