BREAKING: British Police Investigate Crimes Of Terrorism In Zimbabwe, the First Since 1979
5 February 2021
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By A Correspondent- London| Cecilia Chimbiri’s father, Henry, and other victims have tasked British Police to arrest Zimbabweans in UK who coordinated and encouraged the abduction of his daughter, and other attacks against citizens since 1 Aug 2018 to Feb 2021. Prosecutors sitting at the Old Bailey in London received affidavits from victims of violence since 1 Aug 2018.

The development is the first since 1979 that British courts are to hear cases of terrorism committed against the Zimbabwean people.

The first case concerning Zimbabwe terrorism was briefly heard on Friday morning at the Old Bailey, ZimEye reveals.

A Zimbabwean-woman has since 1 Aug 2018 been shooting live videos instructing crimes of terrorism in Zimbabwe, while boasting that she controls the British Police who she will use against MDC Alliance members. Her activities have led to the killing of at least 25 people, raping of 50 women and large scale burnings of properties to implicate MDC Alliance members. She has also vowed that her methods will ensure her terrorism is sustained for another 50 years.


the Old Bailey court