Australia Based Zimbabwean Who Challenged Sekuru Banda’s Powers Now Surviving S_ex Work
10 March 2021
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Homeless socialite Mukoma Masimba, popularly known as Legend of Facebook, says he has been reportedly forced into ‘commercial’ pr0stitution in Australia.

The man, who hogged the limelight on social media, feels the Australian authorities have let him down after failing to offer him proper accommodation for a year.

He has since lodged a written complaint to the authorities.

Masimba, who last year left his home and decided to stay on the streets of Melbourne, has since raised suspicion that he might be facing mental challenges.

He has since begun some lessons under a contract on how to satisfy clients.

In some explicit videos he is being taught how to treat male and female clients.

He lamented neglect by the authorities and called upon the intervention.

Some sections have described him as losing his sanity but he insists that he still has a sound mind.

In an interview, he discussed his status and dilemma.

“I have been staying in the streets for a year and the authorities here have not helped me to get a proper place to stay.

“And now I have resorted to commercial se_x working to make ends meet.

“I am on my way to satisfy a client, it’s not by choice or optional but circumstances beyond my control have forced me to do this.

“I have no other ways of making money since some drug addicts are stealing my medication.

“The authorities here ill-treated me, and I have since made a complainant which I believe should be heard back home.

“Remember last year I went into the streets before the outbreak of Covid-19.

Some think he was bewitched by Sekuru Banda whom he previously challenged to show his powers.

“Many people believed that I was bewitched by Sekuru Banda which was not true and I was a called as someone with mental illness but I was tested all that,” he said.

Added Masimba:

“I am okay but the authorities here exposed my HIV status and no one wants to be associated with me now.

“I was forced to reveal my status after some drug addicts here were stealing my pills and I had to confess so that they could not continue stealing but I put the blame on the authorities here.

“And now I have shifted focus so that I can manage to survive from pr0stitution.

“I am angry with the Australian Government, they have violated my privacy and now most homeless people in Melbourne now knows l am HIV+ because l have been homeless for one year.

“The same Australia Government imposed Sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“Remember l wrote BhukureBenzi when l was always showing the same Australia also abuses Australian.

“So I am appealing to the authorities back home to take note of my issue.

“Australia imposed sanctions on my country and they should remove them, our President is a listening man.”

-State Media