BREAKING: Multiple Sources Say Police-Wanted, Uebert Angel, Has Left UK for Zimbabwe…..
10 March 2021
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By A Correspondent | Multiple sources have reported that the controversial preacher Uebert Angel’s passport has been logged in into Zimbabwe in the last week. The preacher has traveled after British Police opened several cases on him over a list of offences, which include multiple accounts of rape, and several accounts of fraud.

The development comes after the man, real name is Uebert Mudzanire, was exposed by ZimEye in a 6 year long investigation.

Sources told ZimEye on day 4 of last week’s ZimEye LIVE broadcasts last week, the man fled UK and arrived in Zimbabwe on Friday.

“He arrived on Friday,” one source said.

Another source told ZimEye, “he entered via the Chirundu border post.”

A reliable ZANU PF source in parliament, also affirmed the development confirming the preacher is now truly in Zimbabwe.

The preacher’s flight comes after he poured donations of mealie meal into ZANU PF as well as MDC Alliance constituencies, in a Shepherd-Bushiri style operation. (Bushiri corruptly paid his way to the new Malawian President’s hand, the latter who later assisted him flee South Africa last year while on bail over money laundering offences.) The money the preacher used to purchase the bags of mealie meal last year was stolen from a British fund.

The preacher is also exposed for several medical frauds committed on British soil, two of them which are below

Fake doctor number 1. Wilfred Franco

This is the doctor Uebert Angel uses to verify miracles in his London church branch and also at the healing school. Wilfred Franco is not a doctor. He is not on the GMC register. Doctors who practice medicine in the UK must hold a registration with a licence to practice. This man does not have a license to practice medicine in the UK.

Furthermore, he does not have a degree in medicine. (pictures)

Fake Doctor 2- Latoya Lewis

Latoya Lewis is another doctor Uebert Angel uses to verify miracles in both the Birmingham and London branches, and also at the healing institute.

She is not on the official GMC (general medical council) register, therefore, does not hold a Medical Practicing certificate in the UK.

We contacted the university she claims to have studied medicine (university of Birmingham). The University said she did not study medicine with them. We also contacted University Hospitals Birmingham. The hospital said that she is not a doctor at their hospital but a Physician associate. Physician associates are not doctors. They are just healthcare workers like nurses.

It’s crime to claim to be a medical doctor in the uk. The police and the hospital are now looking into the matter.