Vendors Badly Exposed To COVID-19
11 March 2021
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While the pandemic is ravaging all corners of the country, Zimbabweans who have been confined to perennial vending, have no choice but to peservere and continue selling their items to fend for their families.

I visited Chikanga Sports Field Market in Mutare and I wasn’t prepared for what I saw: the risk of the pandemic spreading beyond control as vendors mingle in open-air trading with no masks, social distancing or water provisions for hand-washing.

The vendors expressed concerns at the cost involved in masking.

The country needs a co-ordinated effort with resources being channelled towards eliminating this disease.

Zimbabwe has enough resources to look after its citizens. We can do better as a country.

Lynette Karenyi-Kore
Vice President
MDC Alliance

VP Karenyi-Kore