Agenda 2021: Resistance And Resilience – A Clarion Call To The Youths
12 March 2021
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By Stephen Sarkozy Chuma

This week the People’s President, Advocate Nelson Chamisa rolled out a course of action for the year, and encapsulated in #Agenda2021 is a special message to the youths.

The message is very clear and key if we are to survive from Emmerson Mnangagwa’s senseless onslaught targeted at young people at each and every turn.

Resistance, defiance and resilience MUST be our game as we take the dictator head on.

Mnangagwa and his gang have been very consistent in their evil scheming to annihilate the opposition.

No day passes without one of us being caged on useless charges.

Our youth leaders, Makomborero Haruzivishe, Cecilia Chimbiri, Joana Mamombe, ZINASU President Takudzwa Ngadziore and many others are currently languishing in prison for no apparent reason.

The regime is treating us like animals in a zoo that are caged at the owner’s will.

More than never before it is equally critical that we match or out do this fascist regime’s onslaught with equal force and more resistance.

From students, civil society leaders, trade unionists, journalists to political activists, Mnangagwa’s forked repressive hand has reached every grouping.

No one is safe from Mnangagwa except his family!

The dictator, Mnangagwa is the common denominator as far as our nervous conditions as citizens is concerned.

He is the number one enemy of citizens!

As rightly put forward by President Chamisa in #Agenda2021 speech, the time for citizens convergence against authoritarianism is now.

Change is what we all seek and it is within our reach. We are the change we seek.

We can not play victim card forever and watch while each one of us are caged on rotational basis at Mnangagwa’s will.

We deserve our freedom and we got to fight for it!

Defiance, resistance and resilience against dictatorship must be our daily bread.




Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson

Stephen Chuma