Vendors Are Victims Of Zanu PF Misgovernance
3 June 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|The unleashing of dogs on hapless informal traders by the Zanu PF regime is a sign of gross incompetence, the MDC Alliance has said.

Informal traders are mere victims of Zanu PF’s monumental misgovernance, according to the MDC Alliance Namibia.

Below is MDC Alliance Namibia’s full statement:
The unleashing of vicious Police Dogs on innocent young people and informal traders is absolutely satanic, Mdc Alliance Namibia supposes.

03 June 2021

Mdc Alliance Namibia District absolutely condemns the satanic and anti-poor policies being unleashed by desperate Zanupf onto the helpless informal sector in Chitungwiza and Mutare. As an external assembly led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa, we subscribe to the pro-poor social liberation policies that respect vulnerable members of the society.

We fully distance ourselves from any attempt by the sadist central government to decimate the livelihoods of vendors and other informal traders who are victims of unemployment and ZANUPF’S gross misgovernance.

It is quite pathetic that in Chitungwiza, overzealous, Mr Muguti (the Zanupf-appointed Provincial Development Co-ordinator of Harare Metropolitan) has instructed the Acting Town Clerk, Mrs Machona to violently and arbitrarily unleash the partisan Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) on the vendors. They are seeking to evict hungry informal traders from their places of work without giving them any meaningful remedies. We are convinced that this anti-poor people gesture is unlawful as it is being carried out without a court order or any reasonable measures to secure alternative workstations in violation of the vendors’ right to due process.

Moreover, it is critical that there is no council resolution to support the proposed inhuman , sadist and unconstitutional evictions. We further lampoon the heavy-handedness of the captured Zimbabwe Republic Police in Mutare. The unleashing of vicious dogs on young people and informal traders going about their daily business is cruel, inhuman and degrading. Mdc Alliance Namibia echoed that there is no space for such barbaric conduct in a constitutional democracy hence citizens must converge for complete change in Zimbabwe.

As a matter of law and procedure , informal traders can only be removed from where they are undertaking their trade in circumstances where council provides alternative trading spaces for them to operate. No alternative spaces have been provided which renders any attempt to evict the defenceless vendors arbitrarily and grossly unreasonable. Zanupf Satanists must spare our people from anti-poor agenda and commence to upgrade our People’s Livelihoods. We demand a People’s Government as part of our #Agenda2021 where we are urging all progressive citizens to converge for change.

Furthermore, Mdc Alliance Namibia wants to warn the clueless Zanupf belly politicians in Harare to desist from interfering with the work of the local council and allow them to peacefully and effectively manage local issues as provided for in the 2013 Constitution instead of employing various organs of the central government to mar the upliftment of social services. Moreso , the insensitive regime is obliged to intervene to even cut or neutralise the negative and detrimental effects of Covid-19 lockdowns on the capacity of the people and business to generate income unlike obstructing them to fend for their starving families.

Fundamentally, we call upon the moronic Zanupf government and their surrogates to fully implement the devolution provisions of the Supreme Law of the country to ensure that local authorities have the autonomy to run their own affairs and budget to support vision and plans in line with our Local Government Agenda.

To wind it up, the senseless banning of begging and vending at traffic intersections unravels the heartlessness of a monocratic regime that has dismally failed to put the economy on a sound footing.

We need #PeoplePower to peacefully and democratically resist Law enforcement agents who take instructions for the Shake Shake building.








Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya