Hon Biti Roasts Luke Malaba
9 June 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance vice president Hon Tendai Biti has said Luke Malaba is too old to remain in the esteemed office of Chief Justice.

Speaking in an interview with an online publication on Monday, Hon Biti said Malaba should” go home and play with his grandchildren.”

Zanu PF leader, Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa wants Malaba( 70) to remain in office for the next five years.

This, according to Hon Biti, is a gimmick calculated to tilt the 2023 Presidential Election in favour of Mr Mnangagwa.

Malaba and ZEC boss Priscilla Chigumba are accused of influencing the outcome of the 2018 Presidential plebiscite.

“We are ready to defend the Constitution.The reappointment of Luke Malaba by Mr Mnangagwa is unconstitutional.

Malaba cannot continue to occupy such a position at 70. Our message to Malaba is simple, he must simply go home and rest. He should find time to play with his grandchildren,” declared Hon Biti.

” We know their plans- They want to use Malaba to influence the 2023 Presidential Election results.We will not allow that to happen.We will use all the available constitutional avenues to challenge Malaba’s reappointment,” added Hon Biti.

Hon Biti