Olinda Denies Infecting Tytan, Stunner
17 June 2021

UK-based businesswoman and socialite Olinda Chapel has refuted claims that she infected her husband Njabulo Tytan Nkomo with HIV.

This comes after social media influencer Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg went Live on Instagram accusing Olinda of infecting her ex-husband Stunner and her current husband Tytan with HIV.

In the video circulating on social media, Tatelicious went on to claim that Nandi is Stunner’s baby.

Following the trade-off on social media, Olinda Chapel published her HIV results and those of her husbands on social media to prove that she cannot transmit HIV to anyone;

Olinda went all guns blazing and blasted Tatelicious for peddling falsehoods. She said she is ready to take Tatelicious to court for defamation of character

Captioning the results, Olinda wrote;

“Tell that MAN to get educated on HIV
Those are my results that state as undetectable and my husband’s results that state he is HIV negative.
Undetectable means you can not pass on a virus to ANYONE. Stop stigmatisng HIV just because you havent come to terms with yours.
You are busy doing a live creating lies and peddling manyepo ako. We are suing you and it’s not a joke. I want you to show me where ndakauraya munhu or my husband!”