Man Commits Suicide Over Heart-Break
18 June 2021

By A Correspondent- Residents of the Zimunya community in Manicaland were left shocked after a married man committed suicide after he was dumped by his married lover following a passionate 6-year affair. 

According to residents of Nyamana Village, Ward 21 under Chief Zimunya, Elijah Ngwarati hanged himself after his lover, the wife of a local businessman terminated their long-running illicit affair. The businessman is based at Gutaurare business centre

The traditional leader for the village, Sabhuku Nyamana, real name Blessing Zimunya, confirmed Ngwarati’s suicide to online publication Karanganda TV.

Sabhuku Nyamana said that he was shocked to learn of the incident, particularly given that Ngwarati himself was married and had children. Sabhuku Nyamana’s brother Eric Zimunya said that Ngwarati had a wife and four children, while his lover also had four children of her own.

When the businessman’s wife tried to break off the relationship, Ngwarati is said to have threatened to kill himself. After noting that her lover was refusing to end the relationship, the woman is reported to have resorted to drastic measures. She told her husband, that Ngwarati was pestering her, but did not say that the two had been seeing each other.

The businessman then confronted Ngwarati over the issue and told him to stay away from his wife. However, the father of four did not back down and cajoled his lover into meeting him one more time to discuss the matter, at their usual meeting point.

When the two met at their “base,” Ngwarati repeated his threats that he would kill himself if she insisted on dumping him. However, his lover said it would be ridiculous for him to kill himself over someone who was in her fifties and left him there.

Some minutes after leaving, she is said to have turned back, apparently worried that Ngwarati may have been actually serious about killing himself. When she reached the spot, she was too late. The father of four had hanged himself already.

According to Sabhuku Nyamana, the woman wept over her deceased lover before trying to kill herself by throwing herself at oncoming traffic. Fortunately, there was very little traffic on the day. The village head then counselled her not to kill herself.

The village head, unashamedly said he had asked Ngwarati’s lover on how she was so good in bed, that she would cause someone to kill themselves just by dumping them. Ngwarati’s younger brother also said that he had tried to warn his brother to break off the affair saying that it could end in death.

The deceased’s widow said that she never confronted her husband about the alleged affair. She also revealed that while her husband’s official year of birth on his national identity documents is 1983, he was actually born in 1966.

The widow revealed that Ngwarati left behind four children: one in form four, one in grade 7, one in grade 3 and one who is only two and half years old. She said she was distraught at the news but had no choice but to accept the situation.