Zanu Gags Party Officials From Praising Chamisa
28 August 2021
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By A Correspondent- Zanu PF has gaged its party officials from praising MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

This comes after Chamisa’s popularity had grown with Zanu PF top wigs admiring the youthful opposition politician.

Chamisa’s popularity grew following his invitation to the inauguration of the new Zambian President, Hikainde Hichilema, by the man himself.

Posting on his Twitter account Friday, Zanu apologist and Gokwe Nembudziya MP, Justice Mayor Wadyajena, said any party member head praising Chamisa would be punished.

“Party colleagues, let’s focus on OUR Gvt & Party achievements! This Chamisa obsession has unintended consequences. Let him fade away. Why shout his name daily like we’re his publicists on the low? Voters aren’t fools, 2023 is a millennial+zoomer election! Use social media wisely!” said Wadyajena.