Zimbabwe’s 109th New Party With An Oily Face Leader Promises Better Democracy Than MDC Alliance, ZANU PF.
2 September 2021
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By Farai D Hove | The country’s 109th political party was announced on Thursday afternoon.

The new Freedom Of Rights Under Sovereignty is led by a female founder who spoke saying that her party is unique in that it is offering a different type of democracy better than other organisations before it. She responded to one of the media questions saying in full:

It’s called Forus. I think if you just listen to the name it just tells you what it’s about. Freedom of rights under sovereignty. What we’re trying to do is emancipate ourselves, amongst ourselves. YOU KNOW, we never thought that we would get to this point whereby another black man is enslaving another Blackman. That is what Forus is for.

We are here and make sure that freedom is propelled through from our youngsters, YOU KNOW, from somebody from being a baby, YOU KNOW we want them to learn what is freedom, what is democracy, so what we are going to bring for us is the proper true democracy so that will emancipate all Zimbabweans, so that they can reach out to the stars so that they can understand that YOU KNOW, it is doable.

I can do this I can open up my own business, I can do, I started off with nothing, YOU KNOW I never had what I have now, YOU KNOW, but I started from somewhere so I would like somebody else to have the same belief, to have the same freedom, to say that, you know what, I can make it…