Constantino Chiwenga A Heartless Man: Netsai Marova On Marry Mubaiwa Health Condition
5 September 2021
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By Netsai Marova

Seeing this breaks my heart…

Love might have dried up in the heart of the former Gunman, but so cruel is the treatment he is giving to the mother of his children.

The former beauty queen is now a pale shadow of her glamourous self. Whilst Marry Chiwenga has for over a decade or so been one of the key players in looting state resources through her husband who was for the greater part of that period the boss of Zimbabwe defense forces,letting her die is a violation of her rights. Everybody deserves treatment. So as Mary, she still has her right to treatment.

Mr Chiwenga, the rewarded Vice President who doubles as the Minister of Health flew across the globe on several occasions ever since the military coup of 2017 seeking treatment on tax payers expense.

The irony of it now, he is denying his former soulmate access to her travelling documents to go and seek treatment.

We all know there is no quality health services in our country. The country is in a mess under the ruling party, zanupf.

The pictures of Mrs Marry circulating on social media, on her way to and from reporting to the police as part of her bail conditions and showing her legs thicker than her waist, hands bandaged etc are heart breaking. The treatment of women in the so called second Republic is a serous cause of concern.

Whilst Marry is struggling with her health condition, she is not the only one nor the 1st one.

We once saw Honorable Joana Ruvimbo Mamombe at some point dragged from a hospital bed to Chikurubi maximum security prison.

We can’t let this continue under our watch. This inhuman treatment by the state to us women is a clear sign of their ruthless behavior.

We demand justice for women in Zimbabwe. Women are human beings too.



Netsai Marova