Mliswa Fumes Over Chivhayo Acquittal
2 October 2021
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Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has accused the National Prosecuting Authority of failing to present solid corruption cases before the courts leading to Zimbabweans losing faith in the judiciary.

Mliswa was commenting on the case where Wicknell Chivayo and his company, Intratrek Zimbabwe were cleared of allegations of bribing ex-Zimbabwe Power Company board chairperson Stanley Kazhanje with US$10 000 which the State had said was meant to influence awarding of the Gwanda Solar Project tender.

Said Mliswa, “This has become the order of the day. That’s why I have said our system is being let down by the Prosecutor General’s Office. We then end up accusing the Judiciary of being corrupt when the cases are actually weak. All these high-profile cases have gone to nothing.

We might as well bring dzana Mai Mupfumira to an end. The arresting officers are given instructions.”Mliswa also weighed in on the recent Central Bank list of forex dealers saying the cases will be thrown out of the courts.”It’s like all these cases of the black market dealers, it’s all noise it will come to nothing.

That is why I have challenged all by showing these companies using the black market. That is the reality but the Gvt refuses to recognize that. The rate will not go down, if there is anything it will go up. People will keep on trading.”There is a great Russian saying that, even if there is blood on the streets trading never stops.

This is what is happening. @ZACConline is doing do much yet the Prosecutor General is failing. The ZRP should learn to investigate before arresting. It’s not good.”