Disgruntled Former MDC Mayors Gang Up Against Chamisa
9 October 2021
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By A Correspondent- Former Mayors have formed a coalition against the MDC-Alliance ahead of the 2023 elections.

The newly formed grouping, the Former Mayors Association of Zimbabwe, comprises former mayors and councillors from all over the country’s towns and cities which were controlled by the once-vibrant opposition MDC since its formation in 1999.

Most of these former city fathers have since joined Zanu PF.

Some of the mayors and councillors who talked to Zimeye.com said they were frustrated by how the Chamisa led MDC treated them.

” We have seen that the new crop at MDC-Alliance is not accommodative. They want docile people who can not ask them where they would have gone wrong. The leadership wants bootlickers who ululate mediocrity. For that reason, they have dumped all the founding party members and go for the Mafikizolos they can control,” said one of the former mayors.

” We decided to move on with our political careers out of this clueless opposition which does not have new ideas of taking over power. They just oppose the government just for the sake of opposing without giving practical solutions. As experienced politicians who have a history of serving the people, we have seen it prudent to join the government,” said another former Mayor.

Farai Nyandoro

The Association’s spokesperson, the former Marondera Mayor, Farai Nyandoro, confirmed the existence of their coalition.

” We are mobilising all former mayors who served under the original MDC and they are all responding very well. The Association aims to help the government with our experience of running the affairs of the towns and cities. We started this initiative with 20 members (former mayors), and now the membership has ballooned to over 100,” said Nyandoro without commenting on the anti-Chamisa plot.