Cyclone Chamisa Sweeps Across Masvingo, Destroys Zanu PF…
15 October 2021

Cyclone Chamisa sweeps through Masvingo Province as it destroys Zanu PF and its proxies

Masvingo turns into war zone as riot police and CIOs use brutal force to stop MDC Alliance from engaging Masvingonians.

14 October 2021

Wezhira Munya

In Masvingo urban: MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa is touring Masvingo province under heavy police and other state agents brutality.

As #Ngaapindehake Mukoma# sends Zanu PF in panic mood as it faces 2023 defeat.

President Chamisa thanked Masvingo Province for great support as he writes:
“I’M so energized by the solid support here as I continue this Communities & Citizens Interface, a tour of rural parts of Zimbabwe..I had meetings in Chivi,Ngundu,Mwenezi,
Chingwizi & Rutenga.Zanu PF tried disrupting but failed. I saw how the majority of Zimbabweans are suffering and struggling to make ends meet. Kungwavhangwavha. Life is really hard. Poverty in communities is real. The message is resoundingly #NgaapindeHakeMukomana. Thank you Zimbabwe! #Godisinit”

President Chamisa is touring all 26 constituencies in Masvingo.

On the 11th of October President Chamisa and national leaders started their tour in Masvingo Province meeting religious, community, political, students, vendors, those in informal sector, people with disabilities, business people, traditional leaders and among others.

President Chamisa’s thrust to mobilize and win rural constituency gather momentum in Masvingo. Masvingo Province is a game changer in 2023 elections. As a result MDC Alliance secretary of rural mobilization Happymore Chidziva is leading rural mobilisation in areas such as marginalized Chigwizi and Rutenga in Masvingo.

President Chamisa’s message in Masvingo is centered on encouraging people to register to vote, defend the vote, new party name, empowerment, economic and social prosperity. Provision of jobs, security and other issues that are pro poor .

On Monday, 11th October 2021, armed riot police dispersed MDC Alliance Provincial leaders who had a private meeting with President Chamisa at Mr Sitemere’s house in Target Kopje , Masvingo urban ward 6.

MDC Alliance Masvingo urban member of Parliament Hon Nyokanhete, condemned the disruption of MDC Alliance meeting. He further said, President Chamisa is feared by Zanu PF. In 2018, President Chamisa defeated Zanu PF president Dambudzo Mnangagwa in Masvingo urban. President Chamisa is popular in Masvingo. He is our brand.

The police under instruction of assistant commissioner Marume threatened the MDC Alliance members at Mr Sitemere’s house. Mr Marume also threatened Chidarikire with arrest after accusing him of mobilizing religious , students and other civic leaders to meet president Chamisa.

After police disrupted MDC Alliance meeting in Masvingo urban, president Chamisa took his meet the people in Charumbira rural areas.

Hon Amos Chibaya, MDC Alliance Masvingo Provincial Deputy spokesperson Ms Mahachi, president’s advance team and security personnel and cars were attacked by hired Zanu PF militia. They beat MDC Alliance members, burnt the tyres and damaged the cars. Masvingo urban ward 5 councillor Mberikunashe was badly injured together with President Chamisa and are currently being treated to one private hospital.

It is believed that under fire Masvingo resident Minister Chadzamira and other Zanu PF members sponsored Zanu PF thugs who attacked President Chamisa. Masvingo
MDC Alliance Provincial youth secretary for mobilization and recruitment Mr Nyahunda said, “The police assisted Zanu PF members to attack and block president Chamisa to meet Charumbira community members. Police should treat MDC Alliance as legit political party and not Boko Haram.”

However, the MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa managed to meet different stakeholders in Charumbira area after using small dusty road. The Charumbira community interacted with President Chamisa. This is a clear sign that rural communities are supporting president Chamisa.

After Charumbira meeting in Masvingo West, President Chamisa drove around 120kms to Triangle in Chiredzi to meet community members. President Chamisa’s popularity is swelling and Chiredzi community gives MDC Alliance one of the best welcome and attended meetings in large numbers.

However, the Zanu PF and government security officials followed President Chamisa as he drove into Triangle inorder to harm him. In addition, the Zanu PF members besieged the lodge where President Chamisa was. But the MDC Alliance leaders and youth came to rescue the President and Zanu PF member fled.

On tuesday , the 12th October 2021, President Chamisa took his tour to Chivi North to meet different stakeholders. MDC Alliance leaders in Chivi led by Masvingo provincial deputy treasurer Mr Chidaushe mobilized to meet the people’s president Chamisa.

President Chamisa in Chivi danced and mesmerized the excited Chivi community.

The police and Zanu PF tried to disrupt the meeting but MDC Alliance youth and security were in nonsense mood and stopped Zanu PF and police.

In Ngundu, MDC Alliance newly promoted and appointed deputy spokesperson Ostallos addressed many people at popular Ngundu growth point. Ngundu residents are proChamisa.

13, October 2021. The cyclone Chamisa then swept through Zaka. Many MDC Alliance supporters and community members met President Chamisa at senator Marava’s residence. Senator Marava is Masvingo MDC Alliance Provincial chair person. However, Zaka Zimbabwe Police led by Supritendant Chakati and Zanu PF came to senator Marava singing revolutionary songs denouncing MDC Alliance. But fearless MDC Alliance President Chamisa and community continued with their meeting.

Bikita East was invaded by President Chamisa around 4pm, the MDC Alliance supporters and community members met at Janet shops in ward 17. This ward has been under the able leadership of MDC Alliance since 2000. Zanu PF never won this rural ward since 2000. Police through teargas to disperse the crowd but people refused and waited for the arrival of president Chamisa.

Bikita East is under MDC Alliance shadow Mp and Masvingo provincial organiser Mr Mudzingwa.

MDC Alliance national chairlady Mrs Mugidho castigated Zanu PF members for kidnapping and harassing MDC Alliance members.

Masvingo MDC Alliance youth leader Ruth Mapiye said, “MDC Alliance President is our hope as youth. We need employment. We need money to start businesses and better educational opportunities. President Chamisa has the vision and credentials to liberate us from 41years of Zanu PF’s misrule.”

Today, 14th October 2021, President Chamisa went to his home Maungwa rural area in Gutu South. The advance team comprising of MDC Alliance national youth acting organiser Mr Dunga, Gorekore and others escape death as Zanu PF attacked their car. Masvingo provincial youth secretary and Chiredzi ward councillor Mr Gilbert Mutubuki said, “Zanu PF barricaded the road to Maungwa and attacked MDC Alliance members including Organ Dunga and Gorekore. Their car windows were smashed. Also my car was attacked by Zanu PF thugs. Also Mr Mufamba was injured and arrested by police. Police brutality is increasing against MDC Alliance members.”

On the other hand, in Gutu South , MDC Alliance national youth member i Bulawayo councillor Dube Batirai Arnold was kidnapped by Zanu PF members Joel Mubdziwepasi and Chikomo. Councillor Dube was kidnapped at Gutu garage .

Mr Chirume , MDC Alliance member managed to escape from the kidnapping .

Despite Zanu PF threats in Maungwa in Gutu South, MDC Alliance president Chamisa addressed the crowd.

President Chamisa