Is Registry Sabotaging Issuance Of National Identity Cards?
19 October 2021
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Own Correspondent

MUTARE-Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust (ZEAT) has called on the Registrar`s Office to come up with a mechanism to deal with the delays being experienced in the issuance of national Identity documents.

ZEAT Executive Director Ignatius Sadziwa said delays may defranchisee potential voters during the forthcoming by elections which are expected soon.

ZEAT is a non-partisan and non profit election support organisation that advocates for free, air and transparent and credible elections.

“Everyone has a right to a national identity documement.We can have another section of the citizenry being issued with IDs while others are not. Identification is a constitutional requirement on voter registration,” said Sadziwa.

The civic rights group bemoaned the snail pace at which the registry office is processing identification documents saying this will have debilitating effects on the number of youths eligible to vote in the forthcoming elections.

“Impeding by elections will be a sham if few people are registered. It’s an infringement on one`s rights to deny them identifications cards,” said ZEAT director.

ZEAT also requested the District Registry’s office to ensure that identity documents are made available to all as stipulated under the confines of the law saying if the process is not expedited it will have a ripple effect on people’s rights to electoral processes. He also said it will compromise the delimitation process as political boundaries and constituencies will not reflect accurately.“

As ZEAT,we thus recommend that the treasure adequately fund the national registration process.RG must decentralize its registration offices so that it’s easy for youths and those who want to replace IDs to access service,” he said.

Sadziwa said identity documents are a constitutional right and enable citizens to participate in the socio-economic and political development of the country.”Identity documents are a constitutional right, essential for one to claim their right to Zimbabwean citizenship, to be able to participate in the socio-economic and political development of the country.“For one to be able to register to vote he need and identity documents,” said Sadziwa.He said the approach by Registrar office to issue ID to those sitting for examination has a bearing on the ability of the populace to participate in the electoral process.

Sadziwa said the delays in the issuance of IDs has a possibility of infringing citizen`s constitutional rights.”We are pushing for more young people to register and vote but without their national IDs they can not participate in the electoral system,” said ZEAT director.