Simon Khaya Moyo To Fight Mnangagwa From The Grave
16 November 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|Simon Khaya Moyo is remembered for announcing the dismissal of Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2017.

However, days later he made a somersault and glorified the crocodile.

MDC Alliance vice chairperson Hon Job Sikhala believes Khaya Moyo will dismiss Mnangagwa from the grave.

“Some of us will fondly remember him for bravely announcing the firing of a dictator away from the pple of Zimbabwe.

Although he later staged a summersault he remains a legend.

Don’t despair SK, we will eventually chase the dictator away for the happiness of our people,” said Hon Sikhala.

Zimbabweans have expressed mixed sentiments over the death of Khaya Moyo.

See comments below:

Luc Ndlov:
Ohhh Simon Khaya Moyo from Sanzukwi area Brunapeg. You failed us boy. You held a lot Ministerial positions but you did not use your ministerial Influence to build roads, accessibility to electricity and clean water, schools and clinics asikhulumi still the ones left by Ian Smith.

Any where you blessed your father with a brand new car years back how ever you never bother about the road on which the car was gonna be travelling.

Zanu pf really took care of you. Almost 20 years changing ministerial position and ambassador at one time.

Rest in peace boy.

Prosper Dhliwayo :

I think by 2023 watiri kuda aende anenge atevera vamwe

Noel Tsedemu:
No matter how they made Zimbabweans suffer and still suffering, everyone deserves a life and death is God ‘s decision..
I wish madhara eZanu to live longer so that will see how country is run after youths have taken over, kwete zvavo zvekuwononga nyika

Wilo Wilocious :
He was about to fill the vacant post left by Mohadi.

Simon Khaya Moyo