Why Mai Titi Keeps Losing Boyfriends Every Time | US MOVIE CHAMISA MOCK
25 November 2021
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By Showbiz Reporter | The socialite Mai Titi is set to fly out of the US with two boyfriends, a mock video produced by the respected Kuda Chamisa concludes.

The clip, lyrically titled Coming To America has characters from the movie talking to each other in pure Shona, in the below jumbled up transcript

It’s being said that Zizoe was rejected, what happened? What of the Nigerian boyfriend what happened? The Nigerian she said was a thief, that’s what he was rejected for. Hey old man, what of the one of Tanzania when she wanted to bed Awilo Longoma? You know this woman I don’t understand her anymore, I now don’t know if it’s her or its us men, as you see her losing men everytime, whose problem is it? The problem is you little boys in that you want to control how other men control their chiweti; you are allowed to control your own chiweti; start off by controlling your own chiweti before targeting others. But there you’re right mdara, but it doesn’t work when you’ve got a small one. Say it again mkaradhi. Aah, this is too much for me. But you know what mdara, myself I can do her. I am pained that Mai Titi has two boyfriends, when she flies to Zim, she’ll be having chunks of US dollars, she’ll be better that you all.