Chaos Inside Harvest House As Mwonzora Tries To Adjust Own Constitution.
29 November 2021
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By A Correspondent, ZimEye | There was chaos at Harvest House  as MDC-T leader, Douglas Mwonzora tried to reduce the party constitutional time-stretch from 8 months to 2 months before the National Congress.

There was a National Council meeting at Harvest House on Friday mid day, which became chaotic after the MDC T leader, tried to sneak in unconstitutional time limit adjustments for the period leading up to the National Congress.

Harvest House

Instead of the 8 month stretch, in the party must have local elections, Mwonzora wanted to shorten it to 2 months. So that’s when his deputy Dr Thokozani Khupe complained about it, and the meeting descended into a shouting competition. Dr Khupe was told she is a Ndebele who is rebelling.

During the commotion, the MP for Lobengula, Gift Banda tried to speak against the National Council allocating itself power that it doesn’t have. He was shot down, with National Youth Assembly Chairperson, the Senator, Yvonne Musarurwa charging towards him threatening to use youths against him. Her actions were countered by youths from Chitungwiza who also came to shout Musarurwa off. MP Banda was speaking strongly against the National council allocating itself powers that it does not have. Instead of engaging his views, what followed were threats and insults that made the organisation shrink into a directon-nless explosive fanfare. Towards the mid end, Mwonzora stood up to apologise on behalf of the Manicaland Council members and temporarily calmed down tempers. He then proposed that the meeting will seek the legal opinion of three different persons.

Mwonzora’s personal spokesperson Lloyd Damba confirmed the matter to ZimEye, but said there no threats of violence and added claiming that the request is not for an adjustment but a waiver.

He told ZimEye, “you’re trying to put words into my mouth; there’s nothing like adjust, it’s called a waiver; it’s called a waiver that must be granted by the congress,” he said.

He added saying, “the national council referred it to congress,” he told ZimEye.

Mwonzora’s faction was created through a court ruling which the same Supreme Court judges said was moot (of no significance of effect), and he through the latter verdict accuses MDC Alliance Nelson Chamisa of being an illegitimate leader.