Chamisa Supporters Mobilise US$100K His Bullet-Proof Car
2 December 2021
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By A Correspondent- MDC-Alliance supporters have raised US$109 towards buying an armoured car for opposition party leader Nelson Chamisa.

The supporters want US$120K for the car.

The organiser of the gofundme initiative, T Basvi, says the drive to buy Chamisa an armoured vehicle was triggered by “countless merciless attacks (on Chamisa) by the ruling party, aided by the government security sector.”

He cites an attack on Chamisa’s convoy on 11 October 2021 by a group of suspected ZANU PF youths as evidence that Chamisa’s life was in danger.

The attack left Chamisa’s vehicles damaged and many of his aides seriously injured and hospitalized. The convoy was on its way to engaging the rural community in Masvingo to understand their issues in the aftermath of the pandemic’s 3rd wave. 

Basvi believes that violence will intensify during the 2023 elections is high, hence the need to beef up Chamisa’s security before any unfortunate eventuality occurs. Basvi added:

As concerned global citizens, we have come up with this initiative to raise funds for the purchase of an amour plated vehicle as well as security apparel for his safety and security.

He also said it was clear that the regime wants to continue to frustrate democracy by attacking the main opposition.