Can Mnangagwa Gag Social Media?
8 December 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Snooping into citizens’ social media accounts will not resolve the political crisis in Zimbabwe, MDC Alliance activist Frank Mandebvu has posited.

Mnangagwa’s administration is desperate to silence dissenting voices as political turmoil rises in the country.

Below is Mandebvu’s presentation…

Social media censorship a desperate move to clamp down on people’s rights

The recent plot by the government to censor the social media is a gross violation of human rights. Snooping into people’s Facebook and Twitter accounts will never improve the economy of Zimbabwe.

This rather is a clear evidence of a desperate government declaring war against its own citizens.the country has more pressing issues to deal with while the leadership is busy trying to consolidate it’s ill-gotten power,this is utter nonsense.

There is a Shona saying ‘kuvhunduka chati kwatara hunge une katurikwa’, ZANU PF is on panic mode the Ngaapinde hake mkomana mantra is giving them sleepless nights because they know they can’t win a free and fair election against him.

In their clueless minds the only option left for them is intimidation,however this time people won’t fall for those old fashioned tactics.

The wave of democracy is sweeping across Africa.People embrace what happened in Zambia and they are very much determined to make it happen in Zimbabwe come 2023.

With all due respect Mr Mnangagwa you have failed,the earlier you accept that fact the better for us all.

Stop corruption. Revive the economy and stop Snooping into people’s private conversations.



Frank Mandebvu .
Mdc-A political activist .
Chibi South .