Chief Murinye Called To Order In Court
8 December 2021
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By A Correspondent- An emotional Chief Murinye born Ephias Munodawafa had to be called to order in court on Tuesday when he went into a rage and called a female manager who he is accusing of refusing to surrender an Ursus laptop and a HP printer from his transport company.

Murinye was ordered by Martin Mureri to withdraw his words after he described Precious Mtetwa, a former employee at his ZIKRAG transport company a poor pathetic being who had nothing until he brought her into his company.

Magistrate Grace Tupiri and Mtetwa’s lawyer Martin Mureri of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) had to continue warning Murinye from using improper language during the court proceedings. Murinye went ballistic under cross examination from Mureri.

ZIKRAG had a tender to carry sugar at Tongaat Hullets.

Ironically Murinye is also a lawyer.

Mtetwa who has since left ZIKRAG to join a rival company is denying the allegations that she has the chief’s laptop being the laptop and printer and insists that the latter is trying to fix her.

Mureri told Chief Murinye during cross examination that he didn’t have evidence showing that he gave Mtetwa the printer and laptop and insisted that he falsified the report to fix Mtetwa for quitting his company.

Murinye conceded in court that he neither had the serial numbers for the said laptop nor printer. He urged the court to respect his word that his former employee had the property.

“What would you say if I told you that Mtetwa bought her own laptop and printer from South Africa?” quizzed Mureri.

“She is pathetic and cannot afford to buy anything from South Africa. Her salary doesn’t allow her to buy a laptop and a printer. I am the one who brought her from

Gweru to Chiredzi when she joined ZIKRAG Investments and she didn’t have anything,” said an irate Chief Murinye.

He was ordered to withdrew the word pathetic.-Mirror