Gold Panners Show-Off At Zhakata, Freeman Kadoma Gig
29 December 2021
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By- There were fireworks at the ZORA maestro Leonard Zhakata and dancehall chanter Freeman HKD Boss musical show I Kadoma last weekend as gold panners showed off their pockets through braai and booze.

Hosted by music promoters Mr Tich Maradze and Cosmas Daka, popularly known as Cossy Rules, the Cookout was aimed at bringing a new feel in celebrating Christmas in Kadoma as it was the first of its kind.
People came in droves, spotting the latest designer labels, some driving posh cars invading the up-market Odyssey and turning it into a mini American Las Vegas.

The party was held under strict Covid-19 regulations, and people were sanitised and had their temperature checked before getting into the venue.
Ushers and bouncers would ensure that everyone was wearing their face masks and practising social distancing though it was difficult to manage as people got drunk and became excited about the goings-on at the gig.
Braai and booze characterised the scene with gold panners showing off, bragging of their fat pockets and perceived affluence.
Teenagers acted wildly and boys were clad in skinnies, designer muscle tops, loafers, spotting expensive jewellery, while most girls were wearing “short” mini-skirts and bum shorts.

The elderly, some of who came with their families, were seated in the VVIP section, where they received five-star treatment.
They had a clear view to the stage and also access to all the services on offer at the party unlike the other crowd.
While glamour and glitter characterised the night, the situation was heated too. Fights and public indecency which landed some revellers behind bars threatened to dull the event.
Clad in an African attire, Zhakata took the stage at around 2pm in the afternoon and gave a much-hyped performance that thrilled the elderly crowd in attendance.
He performed several hit songs among them, ‘‘Yarutso’’, ‘‘Mugove’’, ‘‘Gomba Remarara’’, ‘‘Nzombe Huru’’, ‘‘Hupenyu Mutoro’’ and ‘‘Madam Boss’’ which saw the crowd singing along to the hits.
Freeman HKD Boss whose real name is Emegy Slyvester Chizanga took the stage just after sunset and put up an energetic performance that left the crowd chanting “One More!” begging for more.

The dancehall chanter proved his popularity in the mining town and that he is indeed one of their favourite musicians as people could be seen singing along to his songs.
He sang songs such as ‘‘Joina City’’, ‘‘Ngaibake’’, ‘‘Unobvuma Here’’, ‘‘Interview’’, ‘‘Gomba’’, ‘‘Pombi’’, ‘‘Robbery’’ and ‘‘Kusanganisa’’ among many other songs before he was recalled back on stage by public demand.
The two musicians were in a rare appearance as Zhakata entertained the elderly while Freeman thrilled the youths.
It was a hive of activity at Odyssey as people loosened up and took to the dance floor, in a frenzy and heightened fashion, and appeared to be racing against time.
However party had to end earlier due to curfew restrictions.