Java – Prophet, Politician Or Clown?
28 January 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Prophet, politician or clown ?

Soliacite Panganai Java also known as Prophet Passion has stunned all and sundry after threatening to use violence to dismantle the Citizens Coalition For Change led by President Nelson Chamisa.

Using a video clip of a soccer match in which a young player is tackled crudely by an opponent, Java points out that President Chamisa’s project would be disrupted violently.

Java also borrowed Mr Mnangagwa’s “kurakasha” term- which implies that violence will be used to disrupt the Citizens Coalition For Change.

“CCC Chakadyiwa, Chadyiwa,Chichadyiwa futi Pindayi musosho media imomo muwarakashe… Kopoo,” Java wrote on Facebook.

Also watch video below: