2023 : Vote For Bright Future- CCC
7 February 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The Citizens’ Coalition For Change led by President Nelson Chamisa has implored all citizens to vote for a bright future.

In a statement, Citizens’ Coalition For Change ( Namibia) challenged the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to be objective and transparent in executing its expected duties.

Read statement below:

Voting is part of independence! Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia echoes.

06 February 2022

Members of the Yellow Movement in Namibia who subscribe to the astute leadership of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa reiterate that citizens should recover their fundamental position at the centre of decision making in governance issues.

As an organic district in the Yellow Revolution, we urge all citizens to converge for the change that transforms our pathetic livelihoods under Zanupf morons who continue to paddle political lies about socio-economic transformation.

Voting determines the quality of life, quality of education, quality of food and quality of everything including that of your leadership hence a basic human right.

It should be clear that the citizens have extraordinary powers and rights to determine their future through voting for the establishment of a genuine developmental state under the leadership of the vibrant Citizens Coalition For Change. Our message remains clear that all Zimbabweans who are eligible to vote should verify, register and vote for change in 2022 by-elections and 2023 harmonised elections. Right thinking citizens must all brace for massive mobilisation and recruitment of virgin voters especially the desperate unemployed youths whose future has been messed up by the clueless satanic regime.

Moreover, as we gear up towards the historic elections in 2023, the citizens should be ready to demand comprehensive political and electoral reforms to jealously guard against perennial rigging by the stomach politicians in Zanupf led by Mr Mnangagwa. We must stand ready to defend the people’s vote against any shenanigans from the desperate regime. Zimbabweans should demand the independence of state media, Zbc must stop operating as an extension of Zanupf, we need to have real time announcement of results, Citizens Coalition For Change demands the independence of chiefs and headmen, they should not be used to intimidate citizens, frog marching them to Zanupf rallies on empty stomachs.

Our revolutionary obligation remains solely to make sure that all our children who are 18 years and above are registered voters including our relatives, friends and all virgin voters in our vicinity so that they vote for change in 2023. Citizens Coalition For Change targets 6 million voters for socio-economic transfiguration in Zimbabwe hence the dire need to register everyone.

The district stands firmly ready to cooperate with all revolutionaries in the Yellow Revolution until President Advocate Nelson Chamisa constitutionally occupies the State House. As an external assembly committed and dedicated to prosecute the Yellow Revolution to its logical conclusion, we shall make sure that we are registered voters.

Furthermore, citizens should realise that our political and national duty is to accomplish the unfinished business of the liberation struggle where One-man One-vote was a priority. Voting rights came with blood, sweat and a concoction of sacrifices, we can’t allow Zanupf to continue trampling on the basic fundamental rights enshrined in the supreme law of the motherland. Social democrats across the globe must brace for dangerous freedom against peace slavery. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia concurs with the pragmatic people’s President’s revolutionary trajectory to put citizens at the centre of decision making in governance.

The citizenry should replace politicians as masters, they should play a servant role since they are employees of the citizens who rely on the tax payer’s money.

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia absolutely condemns the culture of violence from the Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP), CIOs and Zanupf militia who recently disbanded our voter registration campaign claiming that it was not sanctioned, they impounded Hon Judith Tobaiwa’s campaign vehicle and removed posters. This is quite unwarranted in a purported democratic dispensation. Namibia district encourages the police ,army and other state agencies to refrain from state sponsored violence. They should remain professional since their duty is to protect citizens not to torture, arbitrarily arrest or use live ammunition against unarmed citizens like what we witnessed after 2018 elections when at least 7 were shot in cold blood on 1 August and other 17 were butchered in January 2019 for protesting against fuel pump price hike.

In a nutshell, the district encourages the citizens abroad to support the Yellow Marine morally, financially and materially as we gear up for 2023 harmonised elections. We need polling agents at each polling station so that Zanupf thieves would not get the chance to breastfeed the ballot. Register a friend especially the millennial generation. If you don’t vote, you are assisting to the incumbent to retain power. If you don’t vote, stop complaining about socio-economic challenges in the country.

Citizens should not expect politicians to give them food handouts and party regalia so that they register and vote. Voting is part of independence therefore every citizen is entitled to voting. Let’s go and register to vote, vote in 2023 and defend the vote against perennial election fraudsters.

We demand the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), it should halt assisting Zanupf to rig the will of the people.

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Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
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