Madzibaba Assaults Congregant
9 February 2022
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A self-styled prophet was arrested recently in the Chief Musikavanhu area after he allegedly opened fire on a 46-year-old man as he accused him of stealing his goats.

The incident happened in Chidzvururwi Village in Chief Musikavanhu’s area. Villagers and members of the apostolic sect who were present were left in shock.

The self-proclaimed prophet, Bond Junior Gumira Machiya (28), who is from Harare, shot his victim once on the left shoulder.

It is alleged Machaya shot Phineas Muumbe shortly after he had given him (the complainant), US$100 for unknown reasons.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) acting spokesperson in Manicaland Province Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the incident. He said:

Machiya who is a Harare-based prophet of an apostolic sect and Muumbe are neighbours and every time Machiya visits his rural home, he would dish out groceries as well as money to his followers.

On this occasion, Machiya assaulted one of the congregants from Harare following a dispute over the church’s leadership.

Muumbe heard screams coming from Machiya’s house and went there to investigate what was happening.

He found Machiya armed with a pistol pointed to the ground. Machiya fired a single shot. He then gave Muumbe US$100 before accusing him of stealing his goats.

He then pointed the firearm at Muumbe and shot him once on the left shoulder.

Muumbe was assisted by Nonsima Mujere who went on to report the matter to the police.

He was rushed to St Peter’s Mission Hospital where he was admitted.

Machiya was arrested.

  • The Manica Post