Joshua Maponga Says: You Must Grow Long Beard To Qualify For Heaven
10 February 2022
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The ZANU PF activist, Joshua Maponga has said to men must grow long beard in order to go to heaven. The recently settled SA returnee made these suggestions on Thursday morning saying in full:

Kwanzi nababaJeshu “tichasvika kudenga tikawana ndebvu dzana Aron Nana Moses dzichinzvenzvera pasi vagoshaiwa kuti koava vasina ndebvu ndevepi…pachazomera dzedu kuti dzibate dzavamwe ndikare .’

I replied… I am getting ready ….

My father shared a joke this morning “in the event we get to heaven, you will find that the beards of Aaron, Moses and other Patriachs is long enough to sweep the floors then a questions will be asked “where are these men with no beards coming from..they will have to wait a lifetime for their beards to grow”.

Those with no beards… You are not ready for heaven!