Stop Bullying Hungry Educators
12 February 2022
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Stop bullying hungry educators! Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia castigates education minister Evelyn Ndlovu.

12 February 2022

Citizens Coalition For Change ( CCC) Namibia is in absolute solidarity with the illegally suspended incapacitated teachers in the motherland. As a district, we would like to applaud and laud the extraordinary solidarity displayed by the vibrant Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions towards teachers who are victims of authoritarianism. In the National Democratic Yellow Revolution led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa, we believe in solidarity, injure one injure all.

For this reason, we stand ever ready to complement those who have the varlour, nerve and mettle to demand the restoration of the lost and forgotten dignity of our diligent educators who are now wallowing in abject poverty. Since we epitomise constitutional democracy, we want to make it very clear to the misguided minister of primary and secondary education Evelyn Ndlovu that she has no authority to suspend anyone in the civil service. Her faculties were supposed to remind her that teachers are employees of the Public Service Commission not a mere old and uneducated minister.

We reiterate that her behaviour is uncalled for because it is illegal and this attempt to suffocate our teachers should be resisted with equal measure. Zanupf government should honour teachers and restore them to the good old days when teachers commanded great respect in the motherland. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia has the conviction that the teaching fraternity produces revolutionary intellectuals who will be readily available to prosecute the democratic struggle to its logical conclusion. Teachers should earn enough money to send their children to boarding schools while still managing to lead an admirable lifestyle in the community.

Moreover, the yellow team in Namibia aspires to see a sensitive government engaging with incapacitated teachers than to offer threats of three months suspension without salary to educators who have failed to report for duty since the official opening of schools on the 7th of February 2022. We emphasize that the minister’s proclamation of a blanket suspension is not only illegal and unconstitutional but evil and satanic! Zanupf must halt treating our hardworking teachers with contempt. Our educators should afford to purchase a decent vehicle. The standard of living should be upgraded through a living wage.

Teachers should not be punished for failing to get bus fares to go back to work. Theirs is incapacitation not a strike. It is also enshrined in the supreme law of country that workers have the right to demonstrate or go on strike against slave wages. We concur with the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union (Artuz) organic and pragmatic President Obert Masaraure who made it point blank that educators have been reduced to paupers since they are existing in abject poverty and that they can’t afford to pay fees in the schools where they are offering their quality services which quite sorry and pathetic. #RegisterToVoteForChange.

Furthermore, Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia maintains that the misguided minister has to withdraw her press statement proclamation because it is evil and unprofessional. Our message to all teachers and the rest of the civil service is that they should continue with the incapacitation action so that the insensitive government is compelled to address the issue of pre-October 2018 salary of 540US$ per month. As a reminder to all again, teachers should not sacrifice their voting rights for one day allowance as polling officials on the voting day. They always fall victim to massive displacements during the voting period and Zanupf uses that to rig elections.

Teachers should be deployed in their voting areas so that they can also exercise their fundamental right to vote for change in 2023. We encourage educators and all civil servants to join Zimbabwe Nurses Association and Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions in support of the illegally and wrongfully suspended incapacitated teachers. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia remains resolutely behind educators. We believe in education as a vehicle for social and economic mobility hence a priority in the Yellow Revolution.

In a nutshell, we want to warn Evelyn Ndlovu to desist from giving empty threats to the suffering teachers instead of addressing their sorry situation. Social democrats in Namibia assure the striking teachers that victory is certain with participatory democracy. Continue piling pressure to the clueless Zanupf regime which claims to have a surplus that is invisible in the unsound bleeding economy. It is now imperative to confront the beast in the eye. Teachers should escalate civic engagement and intensive voter registration in their communities so that we win Zimbabwe for the change that delivers.

This is a struggle to save the education fraternity. Register to vote for a LIVING WAGE. Register to vote against SLAVE WAGES. Register to vote against PEACEFUL SLAVERY. It is now time for DANGEROUS FREEDOM. A New Great Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime. Vote Citizens Coalition For Change(CCC) in 2022 and 2023 for socio-economic transfiguration.

Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya